Our Story

New Jersey law can be intimidating. Most of the time you may not ever think about the law at all, but occasionally, when you have an injury and are in a time of need you need to be able to rely on someone. You want a guide through the law so you can act with confidence.

At the Law Offices of Richard A. Greifinger, we have been guiding people through personal injury and workers’ compensation problems since 1980. We have a full staff, dedicated to helping people in need.

We have always felt drawn to help the underdog. The system favors the powerful and the wealthy, and to some extent the labor unions. And there’s little pressure to help regular, ordinary individuals whose rights have been violated, but no one is listening. Insurance companies, large corporations and government personnel often make giant mistakes and get things wrong.

What sets us apart from other lawyers is believing that we are all connected. We do not have to explain what we do, why we do it, or why we fight for the unpopular, or even the despicable. We have a curiosity and enthusiasm for an idea, an untested strategy or a vision with which to advance the interests of an injured individual against the hard and cold strategies of a seasoned opponent. We are really good at only one thing, and that is trying cases. Being in the courtroom is a real jolt; a rush especially if the case is interesting, and most of them are.

To keep our society free and democratic, someone has to fight for the person left behind, and we believe it is our mission to do precisely that.

Whether by endless patience or painstaking preparation, our first mission always is to protect the person least able to protect himself.

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Your Story

Injuries are an equalizer in many ways; high achievers and those struggling with poverty can both see their circumstances change drastically with an injury. No matter where you came from, we will help tell your side of the story.

Your injury is unique to you. Your circumstances, your identity and your struggles are linked. We get to know you so we can represent you. Your story is your greatest asset to get you the needed results.

We Find Your Voice

Attorney Richard Greifinger is a compassionate, considerate, well-known figure in Newark and around New Jersey. Under his direction, our firm builds our cases around the voices of our clients to get their questions answered and their problems resolved. Contact us today for a free consultation by calling 973-242-1500.

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