Every Accident Is Different

When people in New Jersey and across the country talk about accidents on the road, there are always similarities. Health care workers treat injuries according to established protocols, and mechanics fix vehicles using factory-supplied guidelines. But your case is unique to you. It may seem like everyone treats your accident as normal, but it not your normal.

At the Law Offices of Richard A. Greifinger, our attorneys prefer to meet with you as soon as you are well enough to discuss what occurred. We achieve the best results by early investigation. By examining police records, talking to witnesses and re-creating the scene of the accident, we develop a plan to obtain all available evidence while it is fresh in people’s minds. Once we have the right information we can be your best advocate. We’ll act as your liaison with doctors, insurance companies and the police, so you can focus on receiving proper medical care and getting back on your feet.

No Two Cases Are The Same

The injuries and the damage to your life that you suffered through matter. Each aspect of your accident will have an impact on your story. For example:

  • Car accidents can cause grievous injuries to all passengers and eliminate a person’s primary transportation source, making travel to work impossible.
  • Commercial trucking accidents mean struggling with large companies doing everything they can to avoid paying for their mistakes.
  • Motorcycle accidents can be the fault of other drivers, inclement weather or poor road maintenance. Bikers face problems that other drivers never consider.

Within each of these accidents is an infinite number of possibilities. Discovering where the negligence lies is only a small part of the work we do. The rest is building up your story so that no one can forget that you are suffering for someone else’s actions.

Compassionate Advice For Vehicle Accidents

When you have injuries from an accident and you need answers, contact us. We will speak with you in a free consultation from our West Orange office. Your needs are our lawyers’ priority, and we will work with you to find the best options for you to move forward. Our number is 973-242-1500.

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